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  1. Interaksi Genotipe dengan Lingkungan dan Implikasinya dalam Pemilihan Galur Harapan Kacang Tanah

  2. Variasi Efisiensi Koloni Wereng Hijau Nephotettix Virescens Distant dan Virulensi Inokulum Tungro

  3. Data Penting Padi Dunia dan Beberapa Negara Asia

  4. Pola Heterosis Dalam Pembentukan Varietas Unggul Jagung Bersari Bebas dan Hibrida

  5. Telaah Penyebab Gejala Gapong pada Kacang Tanah

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IRC2010 - World's largest gathering for the Rice Industry, Hanoi Vietnam, 8-12 November 2010. With the theme "Rice for future Generations".
International Rice Congress (IRC2010) to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam this November 8-12. IRC2010 will be hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (MARD), and co-organized by The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and Asia Congress Events.

Held every four years, IRC is the world's largest gathering of the rice industry - the industry that feeds more than half the world. The 3rd IRC - IRC2010 - also marks the 50th anniversary of IRRI. With the theme "Rice for Future Generations", IRC2010 will provide a forum for representatives from the public and private sectors including researchers, scientists, professionals, traders, and policy makers. Delegates will discuss the latest rice research, future technologies, trade issues, and policies that will define the future role of rice in supporting the poor rice-dependent communities.

In line with the overall theme of the IRC2010 "Rice for Future Generations", we invite papers under the following themes/topics:
1. Policy, market, and supply chain
2. The social and cultural dimension in rice farming and communities
3. Postharvest: saving the rice harvest, maintaining a full rice bowl, and moving toward better livelihoods
4. Information, dissemination, and innovation
5. Climate change and rice agriculture
6. Environmental resilience and ecosystem services
7. Water availability and access
8. Pest , disease, and weed management
9. Drought, flooding, and problem soils
10. Closing the yield gap
11. Harnessing rice biodiversity
12. Molecular biology and "omics" technologies
13. Raising the yield potential
14. Quality grain, health, and nutrition

Call for Papers and Posters now open!
Submitted abstracts should identify knowledge gaps and future scenarios for research and provide solutions to the challenges in rice production under the 14 themes/topics indicated above. The deadline for submission is on February 15, 2010, don't miss it!

For more information about IRC2010 visit www.ricecongress.com

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